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Experience the best of Mudumalai National Park with us

  • Mudumalai National Park is one of India's few Elephant Reserves and an important elephant corridor for South India.
  • The park is an important habitat for several endangered species such as Indian Vulture, Leopard, Asian Elephant, Golden jackal, Sloth Bear, and many more.
  • Many threatened and regional endemic birds can be sighted- Malabar Trogon, Black-and-orange flycatcher are to name a few.
  • Bandipur and Wayanad National Park are just a few miles away from Mudumalai National Park.
  • Asian Adventures links you to the best of resorts in Mudumalai National Park.
  • Situated at the edge of the tiger reserve, Wild Haven is among the striking Mudumalai jungle resorts

Activities to undertake

  • Bandipur is an adjacent forest near mudumalai
  • Canter & Jeep Safaris available
  • Bird watching
  • Camping
  • Nature trails
  • Photography
  • Watch Towers & watering hole visit is guarantees for wildlife viewing
  • Elephant Camp Tour- Feeding
  • Village Tour
  • Treks to Moyar Gorge

Staying at these lodges gives you fantastic experience

  • Jungle Retreat
  • Jungle Hut
  • Casa Deep Woods
  • Wild Heavens

Our contention

  • Great planning and unseen hands behind the Scene will ensure a very successful wildlife tour.
  • This will ensure ‘value’ for your time and money spent.
  • Conservation oriented.

Do consider before you book elsewhere

  • Are the guides knowledgeable enough? Are they experienced enough? Do they know the destinations well?
  • Selection of a tour operator with experience and the background in conducting successful tours
  • Backup of travel arrangements.

Why Book through Asian Adventures?

  • Our 24 years of experience in this business and over 65 years of collective knowledge.
  • We are operators with conservation at heart We are transparent in our dealing.
  • We appreciate nature and live for it, as do you!